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Welcome to our new Blogging Platform smiley I have created my new avatar... can you create yours?


stuart kittern blog page

Greetings on this fine day! I love kittens but when the plague is hither frown I worry about that . Do you know my husband is so scared about the plague that he won't go out until next door has killed thither cat and whelps. I am ever so worried as only a clenchpoop would do that sort of thing! 

The Witch!

Hello, today has been dreadful!

I had to visit a witch and was scared out of my life! The witch was called... Non Y Nos. I didn't know what to do as I needed desperate help. I couldn't even move, because I was so scared, it was like I was paralyzed! Anyway... I had to tell Non Y Nos why I was there at her little cottage.  Well i told Non why I paid a visit, because I myself had caught the plague! as has my husband, Gabriel Lewis, and my daughter is already sick with something else, so i am hoping for something from Non Y Nos to make her immune to the plague, some sort of thing, like a medicine or herb.

Well Non bade me to enter. It was scary, but I would do ANYTHING for my family. 

However, I am slowly starting to wonder whether I a witch too?...

The Death Attack!!! by Mary Osborne


 Greetings, today has been just horrible.

The plague has just arrived and my dear daughter is suffering from the worms and if she catches the plague we might as well all die! 

But I will not give up hope. I will fight for my family no matter the risk or consequences. Oh what will I do? I need help, a lot of it. My husband, Gabriel Lewis, has already caught the plague. Oh... 

I wish I could help, I really do. Tis been very hard this year as I am a house wife, doing chores everyday through day, and night. I can’t do anything except from work, Work and WORK AND  the plague has come. We are so poor we can’t afford medicine. 

Our house is so old and crooked. Our neighbour Miss Jenkins, has just decided to KILL all rats, cats and dogs, she comes across! This behaviour is really starting to scare me. Recently I’ve started praying everyday for the plague, or any sickness in general, not to visit our village, but today was the day it came creeping in. What will I do? Please help, somebody please help!

Anyways I’ve got to go now, as talking about all this sickness, is making myself sick. My throat is getting itchy to and OH NO! I THINK I HAVE THE PLAGUE!!! Oh dear...

My Stuart Life and my Stuart famliy.

Greetings! Welcome to the blog. This morning I have dusted and lit the fire, made the beds, washed dishes, made breakfast and this is just exhausting! I do this every single morning!

It is also really sad seeing your husband go to work every single morning and never knowing if he will return home, or not, as he has the dangerous occupation of being a stone mason.

May God keep us all safe through these troubling times.

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